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The dining table is the focal point of our interiors, after the sofa.
It occupies the largest space and is an imposing presence due to the dimensions of the table top.
Choosing a clear glass table considerably lightens the overall effect.
This adds refinement and formality

Neo72 table

Clear table neolitico in Murano glass - Luxury furniture Paris
Neolitico Table in glass
A large surface measuring 2 metres 20, 2m40 or even more is no longer a concern.

Similarly, even the widest (and thus most comfortable) dining table will blend into the space and the interior design.

For a beautifully dressed table laid with large plates and elegant glasses, the width of the surface is vital. Widths of 110 cm to 130 cm enable serving dishes to be placed in the centre.

Without this, a sideboard is needed for dishes, drinks etc.

Table Olivo

Clear Dining Table Olivo -crystal acrylic- Luxury furniture Paris
 Clear Olivo Table
The base of the dining table can also be a sculpture, moulded in acrylic and polished or coloured. It can be made of Murano glass (Murano is an island off Venice specialising in blown glass) or carved. We can add a mirror coating, chrome, gilding, nickel…

Colorado Table

Crystal acrylic table COLORADO - Furniture store paris
Colorado Table
DIf space is limited, a round glass table top occupies minimum space for maximum guests, and the table can be pushed back from the centre of the room without offending the eye… Egea Table
 Clear dining table- luxury furniture Paris
Egea Table
glass attracts the light.
Nothing interrupts the gaze, nothing stops the light.
Clear lines and a play of volumes in an elegant formality.
The thicker the glass – 15 to 19 mm – the more imposing the table
Tije Table
 Clear dining table- luxury furniture Paris
Tije Table

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