There are several sources and qualities of lighting. The greater the variety and the spread of light sources in a space, the better the lighting and the use of light. On average, each light illuminates a radius of 1 to 3 metres. Multiplying the sources of light modulates a space by creating lighter and darker zones and shadows that sculpt the room.

Direct lighting

This provides a strong atmosphere and enlarges the space, but take care to avoid dazzling. With a spotlight (or a ceiling light with visible bulbs),
your eye line should not coincide with the beam…

On the other hand, there is less loss of power and consumption is thus lower.
This is a more functional form of lighting suitable for:
– a desk lamp,
– inset spotlights above a kitchen work surface,
– a reading lamp near an armchair.

Palmeira chandelier, high-end transparent bubbled resin palm leaves shown here with six levels of LED lighting for soft indirect light, diameter 75 x height 125 cm.

Maeve pendant light, adjustable height, hammered gold metal edge with hanging crystals, dimensions 80, 60 or 40 cm. Indirect light.

Ducale chandelier in clear and white Murano glass, 6 branches, choice of shades, indirect light, 85 x 85 cm.

Ducale wall light in Murano glass, 2 branches, with or without shades, indirect light, 48 x 24 x 48 h cm



Oxford pendant chandelier
Chrome or gold frame with crystals. Dimensions: Ø60 x H40 cm. 3 x 40 W G9, mixed lighting.

Composable pendant chandelier in clear Murano glass and gilding, shown here with 3 levels, beautiful mixed lighting.

The Royal pendant chandelier is made of carved crystal. With a gold frame or chrome by request. Available in several dimensions
Here: diameter 160 x 120 cm

Avolto wall light in hammered gilded or nickel metal with Swarovski pendants.
Single or double.
Dimensions: here Ø14 x H99 cm.


Ouverture wall light in clear Murano glass with a gilded or chrome frame, 2 branches, dimensions 47x24x55 h cm. Direct light.

Ouverture chandelier in clear Murano glass with a gilded or chrome frame, here with 6 branches, diameter 80 x 74 h cm. Direct light.

Avolto lamp in hammered gilded or nickel metal, single or double, with crystal pendants.
Indirect lighting. Dimensions: here Ø14 x H99 cm.

Standard lamp with pale gilded shade.
Varnished gold-leaf metal stand with hanging crystal pearls.
Dimensions: Ø50 x H167 cm. Beautiful mixed lighting.

Mixed lighting: this lighting uses both direct and indirect principles.

A lamp with a shade: the direct light is softened by the shade and light also passes indirectly beneath and above the shade. In the same way, there are two types of light with a wall light or standard lamp with a frosted glass half-cup shade.
A prestigious Murano glass chandelier, a Swarovski crystal ceiling light or a standard lamp with a polished or satin metal shade will perfectly complement high-end furnishings with tailored lighting for an interior design of studied, refined luxury.

Indirect lighting

This gives a warmer, softer atmosphere. Indirect lighting comes from a light fitting that won’t dazzle: the light is reflected from a ceiling or wall, as in a ceiling light with a metal shade.


Olivia standard lamp with a frosted, oxidised Murano glass shade and a marble and drawn hammered metal base gilded with gold leaf. Beautiful mixed light with dimmer.

Clear 90 lamp, gilded or chrome base, various shades available.

Tulip vase lamp: fabulous! This lamp with its crystal vase and white and gilded Murano glass petals will enchant any refined interior with beautiful mixed lighting.

Clear lamp, chrome or gilded base, various shades available

Maeve wall lamp in gilded or nickel hammered metal with fine crystals.
Dimensions:  L40 x  D22 x H15cm.
4 x 40w G9. Indirect lighting.

850 m² furniture store in Paris


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