Madélia Galerie Décoration

coffee table with drawer luxury furniture France Madelia

COFFEE table day

Coffee table with drawers. Customized as you want.
Several dimensions. here 130 x75 x 42 h cms.

Cannapé Sofa Low Luxury Madélia Paris

Sofa  Low

Large sofa several dimensions

and several finitions for bottom in metal or lacquer.

Anderson Sofa luxury Madelia paris

Anderson Sofa

Many dimensions, finitions and possibilities

Foster sofa collection prestige -Madelia Paris


This sofa exist in many dimensions and finitions

leather or fabric brass or iron metal…

Elliot Sofa luxury furniture Madélia Paris

Elliot Sofa

This sofa exist in many shape, dimensions and fintions…

2 places or more, leather or fabric, iron or brass foot.

Elliot Sofa luxury furniture Madélia Paris

Elliot LOunge chair méridienne

This lounge chair is perfect to read or to see a movie…

the most beautiful coffee table clear glass Murano in Madelia Paris

Coffee table Casanova

Exist in high Dining table or low coffee table.
Several dimensions exist. here the low table rond shape : Ø120 x 40 H cm.
Beveled top glass 12mm thickness.
With 3 volutes  Murano cristal glass (can be colored)
Bottom in smoke mirror.

Verone sofa

Verone sofa with pleated face. Several dimensions.
Dimensions : L 216xP97xH91cm
Tissue of your choice.


low table

Low table with 19 mm thick glass slab top, rounded corners. Frame in gold or silver patinated steel, several sizes possible.
Dimensions : here L132 x L74 x H45 cm.




diva sofa

 Diva sofa on foot in studded velvet.

Dimension : here 230 cm.








canapé, table basse Madélia Paris
la plus belle table basse - canapé, table basse Madélia Paris

sphere low table

Sphere coffee table, black glass base, 4 methacrylate bases, marble ball.

15 mm beveled glass top.
Dimension : L140 x L140 x H45 cm



Sofa with large round butts.

Dimensions : here L220 x P100 x H85 cm.
Tissue of your choice.


lisbone sofa-bed

The Lisbon sofa bed with small round arms of 12 cm. Very good bed, various dimensions 90 to 180 cm.
Dimension : here L186 x P92 x H88 cm.
Sleeping  : L140 x L200 x E14 cm.

low table

White lacquered coffee table and glass 2 trays.

Dimension : L100  x L60 × H38


Les plus beaux canapés -canapé, table basse Madélia Paris
canapé, table basse Madélia Paris

small table

Small table with four square feet in varnished elm burl veneer.

Dimension : L55 x L55 x H45 cm.


nathan sofa

Nathan sofa rounded shape large seat.

Dimension : L200 x L100 × H85cm


low table

Rectangular coffee table in varnished walnut veneer. Various wood and lacquer possible, central plinth base.

Dimension : L 150 x L 85 x H 40 cm

canapé, table basse Madélia Paris
canapé, table basse Madélia Paris

Monaco 1930s style coffee table

Monaco 1930s style coffee table with cut sides, double top, top inlaid with a bevelled glass slab, sandblasted and signed decor.

All woods and lacquers possible, here in sycamore veneer, gloss varnish.
Dimension : L150 x L100 x H42 cm.


rectangular coffee table

Rectangular coffee table with or without mirror tray. Any lacquer or wood species possible. Here: gray lacquer, shiny varnish.
Dimension : L145 x L80x H40 cm.

Les plus beaux canapés -canapé luxe, table basse Madélia Paris
canapé de qualité, table basse bois vernis Madélia Paris

london sofa

 London sofa with padded padded back, various dimensions, large seats, fabric of your choice.

Dimension : L240 x L92x H71 cm.


Coffee table with 4 table coasters (nesting). Here in gray leather grain lacquer. Any wood or lacquer possible, any size possible.
Dimension : L120 x L120x H45 cm.

canapé confortable grande assise, table basse laquée Madélia Paris
canapé, table basse Madélia Paris


Sofa, large seats, small armrest, several fabric sizes to choose from.


Dimension : here  L 218  × L93 × H 88 cm.


low table

 Square coffee table with various drawers lacquer to choose from here in gray.


Dimension :  here L100 × L100 × 30 cm.


Table basse gainée en cuir façon croco Madélia Paris
Table basse Madelia

rectangle low table

Rectangle coffee table in crocodile-style sheathing and steel glass top.

Dimension : here 128 x 73 x H42 cm.

square low table

Square coffee table in crocodile-style sheathing and steel with glass top.

Dimension : here 48 x 48 x H42 cm.

chambre à couher - Madelia
Chambre à coucher Madelia

Relaxation sofa

Fully modular relaxation sofa several seat widths 68, 78, 88, 98 cm.

Manual or motorized sliding seats, lifting head.

Any leather or fabric possible.


low sofa

Beige leather sofa here meridian, one armrest.

low table bar

 Coffee table with top opening onto a fully made-to-measure bar, all wood or lacquer colors available here in white lacquer.

Dimension : L 140 x  L75 x H 47 cm.





Four-door storage cabinet. Any wood in lacquer color possible Here white lacquer and walnut veneers.

Dimension : L230 x P50 x H90 cm.


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