Welcome to a house that loves combining talents to express the best of decoration.

Maxence and Cécilia Mahey welcome you to their large 860m² Paris showroom, opened in 1992, where they help you create exceptional interiors featuring high-end, functional, elegant, personalised furnishings.

Their father, Jean-Claude Mahey,
has been creating furniture that is
highly prized both in France and worldwide for over 40 years.

The heir to this expertise, Maxence Mahey offers you his skills and advice on interior decoration and layout.

Always seeking noble, innovative materials to provide the very best responses to your needs. Whatever your lifestyle – magnificent, luxurious salons with tailored details for your receptions, or more intimate projects delivering refined comfort if you are looking for a design suited to family life.
All with a harmonious blend of materials: precious woods, gloss or satin varnishes, mirrors to add depth and fabrics and cloths for beautiful curtains and wall hangings.
Apart from their own creations, as “lovers of beautiful things”, Cécilia and Maxence Mahey offer a wide choice of sofas, coffee tables, dining tables, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom furniture, lighting (modern or Murano), rugs, objects, …
Made by professional partners in France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium and Italy…

Their team is at your service, always ready to listen and understand what you are looking for and guide you towards the most suitable choice for you.

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Luxury Furniture and interior design, Madélia Paris

Store 850 m²  sélection of best luxury furniture, lightings and objects produced in Europe.

Phone Nber : 0033 1 45 20 22 56 – Fax 0033 1 45 20 22 57